Technopedia® is the world’s largest categorized repository of information on enterprise software and hardware.  It represents the intellectual property treasure chest of BDNA that we share with our customers, partners, and the broader IT community. Technopedia data can be accessed easily – either from the web or within the enterprise.

“Technopedia… is tremendous. We’ve never run into a situation where it’s been wrong, and we leverage very highly the additional data within the catalog for capacity planning”

Bill Tarbox, Sr. Director of Product Development IT,
Oracle Corporation

“BDNA instantly provides rich context for windows migration decisions.”

Application Manager, Large Enterprise Professional Services Company

Technopedia Features

  • Categorizes and aligns over 1 million hardware and software products to deliver consistent, accurate, business relevant information.
  • Updates to 2,000 data points daily through the Technopedia Data Factory to ensure Technopedia is current and complete. As a promise to our service, Technopedia also offers a SLA on data refresh and turnaround time.
  • Contains over 40 million market data points such as product histories, software support levels, hardware dimensions, and power consumption. Data supports multiple solutions such as Application Rationalization and IT Service Management.
  • Technopedia data is accessible through Web services API to directly populate and enrich enterprise IT systems.
  • Powered by Amazon, enteprises can now deploy a secure, private cloud instance of Technopedia. Technopedia Private Cloud enables enterprises to append their private and confidential data to the Technopedia catalog.


Obtain Accurate Analysis

Daily updated market data from Technopedia ensures the most complete picture of the IT estate. This results in accurate analysis for better business decisions.

Crowd-source IT Knowledge

A social, shared repository of trusted, reliable information drives faster and better decisions.

Unlock value from existing data

Appending Technopedia data to existing IT systems provides additional context and insight that enables improved process efficiencies.