It is time to find a better way.

The explosion of data silos, the rapid growth in connected device support, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the evolving definition of devices and assets continue to create new challenges for IT. No common naming convention and no business context of your IT assets cause risk and inefficiency in business decisions that can affect your organization’s security, procurement, audit process, service management engagements, and more.

The repetitive, manual efforts in discovering and verifying device details, finding the correct model number and recording all the relevant information in a uniform format require a significant investment of time and resources. Verifying details on software versions and even validating manufacturer alignment due to acquisitions and mergers is a daunting task.

Eliminate the dirty work and accelerate your business with BDNA, leveraging Technopedia®, the most trusted and comprehensive hardware and software asset information source with more than 2,500 daily updates, to automatically aggregate, de-duplicate, clean, and provide more context about your technology assets.

Wesleyan University’s IT department had sought to digitize its hardware and software procurement process and to build an internal catalog of approved assets to make the IT ordering process easier for their faculty and staff. Read here how they eliminated the dirty work at Wesleyan using BDNA.


BDNA can help you to Eliminate Your Dirty Work, whether it’s eliminating the labor and resource intensive process to reconcile your assets, discover all of your rogue software vulnerabilities, plan your Windows migration, help with your digital transformation or data center consolidation. It’s time for you to find a better way with BDNA. Learn how here.


Want to learn more? Watch this 90-second video about BDNA and start to Eliminate Your Dirty Work.


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