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Find Efficiencies and Lower Costs

Strict compliance requirements, regular vendor audits, and mandates to control spending frequently force government departments and agencies to do more with less. However, if federal organizations aren’t paying attention to data quality, they aren’t doing enough to find efficiencies and lower costs.

BDNA Solutions for Federal Government are helping multiple government organizations solve their data problems and support Enterprise Roadmaps, Cloud First, CMaaS, FDDCI, PortfolioStat, the OMB 25 OMB Implementation Plan, NDAA Section 937 for Software License Optimization, Application Rationalization, and lowering O&M costs.

BDNA solutions allow federal organizations to achieve faster compliance, boost security, improve operations, streamline asset management, and more — all while supporting Innovate, Deliver, Protect and Analyze by innovating with existing investments.

Improve Decision Making Across Many Areas of Government

BDNA Solutions provide accurate, comprehensive, and real-time enterprise asset data and market intelligence for better, more effective decision-making across many areas of government.

Continuous Monitoring and Governance

Effective monitoring improves risk management, compliance, profitability, and sustainability. BDNA delivers the clean, correct data that makes monitoring effective. BDNA provides full visibility into the IT infrastructure by combining consistent, accurate data with the market intelligence necessary to manage risk and compliance.

License Compliance

IT vendors and products change so frequently that your underlying hardware configuration, licensing compliance, and even the dollar value of contracts can quickly become outdated. BDNA normalizes purchase orders to create accurate entitlement profiles that include the most up-to-date information on vendor activity, product lifecycle changes, licensing metrics, and more, ensuring that your organization maintains licensing compliance.

IT Asset Management

To achieve the solid contractual, financial, and inventory management at the heart of good asset management, your organization needs clean, consistent, accurate data — but most ITAM tools can’t provide that across all three functions. BDNA makes all IT asset and procurement data consistent, enriches it with meaningful product attributes and other market intelligence, and creates a consolidated view for better management and decision-making throughout the asset lifecycle.

Cyber Security

BDNA automates the identification of security vulnerabilities that would otherwise take months of manual effort to detect. With current information on all IT hardware and software, including CPE/CVE information, BDNA Technopedia Catalog allows your organization to identify and mitigate millions of vulnerabilities before they become active threats. BDNA also automatically identifies unauthorized and unsupported software that poses a potential security risk.

Data Center Consolidation

BDNA enables rapid visibility into an organization’s entire hardware and software infrastructure, regardless of platform. It captures inventory information accurately and normalizes it to a standard format for easy analysis of meaningful data including power ratings, form factor, computing power, temperature ratings, and more. Armed with this information from existing and potential vendors, organizations can better plan to deploy more efficient computing platforms with dramatically reduced energy and real estate footprints.

Application Rationalization

BDNA develops a federated software portfolio from all the environment’s disparate data sources, then augments it with rich market information including software end of life, support dates, hardware power rating, licensability, and more to create a rich, comprehensive deployment portfolio. It also normalizes purchase orders to create an entitlement profile in the same consistent format. Organizations clearly see what they have, what they need, and what they can decommission.

IT Service Management (ITSM)

BDNA aggregates data from multiple sources and normalizes it to standard format to keep it consistent, accurate, and complete, even during mergers, acquisitions, and new product releases. It then adds market information such as end-of-life dates and hardware specifications to reduce MTTR, increase FCR, and boost ROI on your ITSM implementations.

Government Partners

BDNA works with an array of large, mid-size, small and Disadvantaged/Minority Business Systems Integrators that implement and software embed our technology into numerous government solutions.

BDNA offers its government partners marketing support, robust technical support as well as free product training and the ability to conduct quick, complimentary proof of concepts with a set standard number of assets.

We also work with a number of resellers, allowing our products to be made widely available on a number of Federal Government contract vehicles:

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