BDNA Solutions
for Healthcare

Working with Our Customers to Transform the Business of Healthcare

Innovating Ways of Managing Data in Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the largest growing industries for BDNA. Among the priorities each and every day is to help our clients in this industry grow their understanding of what data they possess. This means leaving the content to BDNA and allowing the Healthcare IT departments to focus on their doctors, nurses, employees and ultimately their patients.

Through long standing and new healthcare relationships, we are continuing to innovate and evolve in the industry, while continuing to enhance our deep understanding of the issues that the healthcare industry faces. BDNA is at the forefront of  improving innovation when it comes to helping our healthcare customers.

By using BDNA’s capabilities, healthcare organizations can improve their business model operations, streamline asset management, and more – while supporting the organizations existing investments. BDNA helps our clients build the right strategies and align to corporate objectives that fit their data needs and help transform the business of healthcare.

Improve Decision Making Across Many Areas of Healthcare

BDNA Solutions provide accurate, comprehensive, and real-time enterprise asset data and marketing intelligence for better more effective decision-making across a healthcare organization. We specialize in the following:


Enterprise Architecture

IT Asset Management

IT Procurement

IT Service Management

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