BDNA Solutions
for Utilities

Solving Data Dilemmas for the Utilities Industry

Managing Risk and Reducing Costs with Clean Data

Understanding the regulatory environment as well as the unique standards the utilities industry have to abide by is something BDNA is very familiar with. Through our interactions with our customers at some of the largest utility organizations in North America we are able to better assess the needs of this evolving industry.

BDNA is able to be flexible with the needs of our customers and help deliver the best clean data to allow the organization to find efficiencies in their data quality. BDNA is helping many utility organizations including electric power, natural gas, steam supply, water supply and sewage removal find solutions and cost savings.

By using BDNA’s capabilities, utility organizations are able to meet their challenges with performance, technology and risk issues, while staying current with the ever changing regulatory environment. BDNA helps to bring insight to help our clients by building the right strategies and help align to their corporate objectives that fit an organizations data needs.

Improve Decision Making Across Many Areas of Utilities

BDNA Solutions provide accurate, comprehensive, and real-time enterprise asset data and marketing intelligence for better more effective decision-making across a utilities organization. We specialize in the following


Enterprise Architecture

IT Asset Management

IT Procurement

IT Service Management

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