BDNA Solutions for Apptio TBM Platform & Business Insights Application

Drive Superior Investment Decisions and Promote Cost Transparency with Accurate, Real-Time Data on the Apptio TBM Platform

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Deliver Quality Data for Sound Decisions with the Apptio TBM Platform

BDNA integrates with the Apptio TBM platform to provide users with accurate, real-time data that drives superior investment decisions and promotes cost transparency. BDNA delivers immediate and actionable information to Apptio’s Business Insights module to drive down costs, increase visibility into your infrastructure, and make financially sound data-driven decisions.

Apptio TBM Platform

Key Benefits of Apptio Business Insights Application

  • Make cost and investment decisions based on accurate, real-time data, not assumptions with Apptio Business Insights Application.
  • Spend more time strategizing and analyzing and less time gathering and understanding the data.
  • Leverage standards to gain unprecedented visibility into your Apptio TBM Platform environment.
  • Establish strong IT-business alignment with the Apptio TBM platform. Give your business a competitive edge.
  • Plan effectively for the future based on market realities to realize real cost savings with the Apptio platform.
  • Induce flexibility, agility, and the ability to make trade-offs in your budget and plan by using data to drive decisions.

BDNA for Apptio Platform

Technopedia data is embedded into the Apptio Business Insights application. Technopedia Content Packs extend Technopedia Catalog with immediately actionable information for specific use cases in the Apptio Platform.

Lifecycle and Support
Content Pack for the Apptio Platform

Real-time product lifecycle and support information for all assets in your environment, including product support dates, end-of-life dates, and obsolescence dates , help eliminate risk and support effective planning.

Hardware Specifications
Content Pack for the Apptio Platform

Comprehensive information on power ratings, form factor, and other relevant hardware information help improve migration, consolidation, and cost-cutting initiatives.

Content Pack for the Apptio Platform

Accurate information on software and hardware pricing help you plan and budget more effectively and realize new savings.

Customers may also adopt Technopedia for enterprise-wide usage to align the rest of the data to Apptio’s taxonomy. This gives customers the ability to integrate the Apptio TBM platform with other processes while allowing other departments to benefit from the common language and insights.

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