BDNA Solution for
Corporate Executive Board (CEB)

Create Unique and Scalable Groupings of Information to Address Specific Use Case Around IT Roadmapping

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Manage Every Aspect of Your Roadmapping Process

Using Technopedia as the IT reference catalog for IT Roadmap Builder, CEB delivers a solution tailored to each of it’s members’ needs. Its members can now log in to the web-based solution to make smart, strategic decisions about their IT portfolio based on accurate, up-to-date, contextualized information.

Key Benefits

  • Save development time and costs for CEB
  • Eliminate incomplete, inconsistent, and out-of-context product information
  • Provide context for current and future projects
  • Increase CEB member satisfaction with an innovative, effective solution

BDNA Solution for CEB

Technopedia allows IT Roadmap Builder to eliminate confusion about versions and compatibility

BDNA Technopedia


BDNA Technopedia provides a common language for IT, enabling data from multiple sources to be mapped to a single identity.

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