BDNA Solutions for LeanIX

Empowering Enterprise Architects with Accurate Data to Better Align, Build and Plan for the Future


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Simplify Your Enterprise Architecture with Clean Data

BDNA integrates with LeanIX’s SaaS-based Enterprise Architecture Management solution. Enterprise Architects need to assess the risk of their application landscapes and to plan, manage and retire technology components in a smart way. The LeanIX solution embedded with BDNA Technopedia provides enterprise architects with the visibility into their IT data to enable them to proactively manage their IT ecosystem. Organizations can simplify their enterprise architecture with LeanIX’s clear management solution combined with a clean set of data so they can manage risks and prepare for the future.

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Key Benefits

  • Increase business support by preventing IT outages
  • Reduce security vulnerabilities by up-to-date technology
  • Decrease risk of skill shortage and vendor dependency
  • Boost IT flexibility by using modern software
  • Minimize complexity by avoiding technology fragmentation
  • Ensure compliance of technology landscape

BDNA for LeanIX

BDNA Technopedia integrates with LeanIX’s SaaS platform to enable Enterprise Architects to have clean data with a powerful management platform, so they more control and reduce complexity in their IT landscape.

BDNA Technopedia

BDNA Technopedia is the world’s largest repository of information on enterprise software and hardware, categorizing and aligning more than 1.7 million products and 120 million data points of timely, relevant product and market intelligence about those products. It receives more than 2,500 updates daily, ensuring that it always remains up-to-date.

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