BMC Atrium Discovery & Dependency Mapping (BMC ADDM) Solutions

Drive Efficiencies Through Automation
Across Multiple BMC Applications

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Gain Visibility Across ITSM Functions

Get more value by including BMC Atrium Discovery & Dependency Mapping (BMC ADDM).  BDNA delivers clean, consistent data into the Atrium CMDB that drives BMC ADDM and Remedy solutions, including Asset Management, Service Desk, and Change Management. In addition to supporting BMC data sources, the solution supports more than 40 non-BMC ADDM data sources, giving IT organizations the complete visibility they need across ITSM functions to support cost and compliance initiatives, prepare for vendor audits, align IT with business goals, and improve efficiency through automation.

BDNA Platform - BMC

Key Benefits of BDNA Solutions for BMC ADDM

  • Consolidate data across multiple systems, including non-BMC systems
  • Automate CMDB data cleansing and maintenance
  • Gain visibility into and optimize asset usage
  • Build a reliable and accurate CMDB
  • Implement compliance requirements
  • Prepare for software vendor audits
  • Improve Service Desk service quality

BDNA Products for BMC ADDM

BDNA BMC Integration delivers the data from the BDNA data platform to the BMC Atrium CMDB


100% coverage and accuracy

Tested and proven process to keep catalog current,
with more than 2,500 updates per day

More than 120 million data points of non-discoverable
market data, includingsoftware end-of-life, CPU
cores, licensing, and more

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Technopedia Content Packs

Built-in data Extractors for BMC ADDM, BMC
Bladelogic and BMC Client Management, and more
than 40 other non-BMC ADDM data sources

Filters irrelevant data, de-duplicates across data
sources, and enriches with market data

Delivers categorized, consistent, and accurate
asset/CI models

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