BDNA Discover for Oracle Learning Management System (Oracle LMS)

BDNA Discover for Oracle Learning Management System (Oracle LMS) will Provide the Transparency Needed to Maintain Oracle License Compliance

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Accelerate Your Oracle LMS Engagements

BDNA has developed a unique solution that rapidly and non-intrusively provides detailed discovery of Oracle databases, licensable database options, and CPU cores. Verified by Oracle LMS, the BDNA solution is available as a one-time engagement, a managed service, or a perpetual offering to accelerate LMS engagements, support licensing compliance, and help customers meet architectural objectives.

Key Benefits of BDNA Solutions for Oracle LMS

  • Make well-informed vendor negotiations faster with detailed metrics on all Oracle LMS database license options provided by BDNA Discover
  • Minimize the disruption to your environment through agentless discovery technology
  • Get an objective assessment to manage licensing complexity when BDNA works directly with the Oracle Learning Management System
  • Get data on your Oracle deployments on demand in a timely manner, with no need to install and manage software agents
  • Launch governance initiatives rapidly without implementation risk

BDNA Discover for Oracle LMS

BDNA Discover provides detailed discovery of specific Oracle LMS applications,
including Oracle databases.

oracle LMS with BDNA discover


BDNA Discover delivers unprecedented insights into the IT environment with a patented non-intrusive agentless technology that identifies hardware and software assets including those not covered by traditional agent-based tools for ORacle Learning Management System.

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