BDNA Solutions for Troux

Deliver Authoritative IT Data to the Troux Platform to Optimize Decision-Making and IT Investments

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Optimize Your Connected Set of Enterprise Portfolios

Technopedia gives Troux the data needed to knock down the walls between business units, break expertise out of departmental silos, and help enterprise architects build a strong foundation for aligning business, compliance, security, and legal requirements across the enterprise.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce risk: Technopedia enables Troux users to keep pace with vendor updates on product lifecycle information and manage risk from unsupported or obsolete products
  • Lower operational costs: Technopedia eliminates the overhead and expense of constantly managing the manual product catalog
  • Improve planning: Technopedia’s lifecycle and support content pack enables proactive planning by giving users visibility into vendor support well in advance.
  • Make data-driven, confident decisions: Technopedia enriches the TrouxSource platform’s with additional product lifecycle coverage, and market context for greater relevance
  • Drive alignment with business: Technopedia offers unhindered visibility into all enterprise software and hardware assets to streamline the roadmapping process for the future state while accounting for current market realities.

BDNA Integration for Troux

The Troux plugin for BDNA data allows customers
to populate BDNA data into the TrouxSource Platform.


Adopt Technopedia for enterprise-wide use to align all
enterprise data with the data in Troux and get
real-time market intelligence for all IT products.

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Technopedia Content Packs

The Troux plugin pulls data from the Technopedia Catalog
and the Technopedia Lifecycle content pack to populate
the metadata in TrouxSource.

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