BDNA Platform

Consolidate and Standardize Data from Disparate Sources into a Cohesive Centralized Data Source

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Provide Unified Access to Data from a Central Platform that Supports Various Consumption Channels

BDNA’s data consumption channels enable user access to the normalized data or catalog itself and include Search, Analytics, API and SQL. The multi-channel consumption approach ensures the data platform is the cornerstone for IT data needs regardless of technical aptitude or scenario.

BDNA Platform

Key Benefits of the BDNA Platform

  • Increased asset management control through tracking of private and public data
  • Quicker access to desired information
  • Greater business context specific to your organization
  • Access to Technopedia and Normalize data
  • Increased visibility to enterprise technology environments

Key Features

  • Create a catalog for your own private products and intellectual property that works with Normalize and Technopedia
  • Access to all data in Technopedia with a custom catalog that remains private
  • Access BDNA products and private catalog while utilizing industry standard protocols that ensure efficiency
  • Improved user experience with a new user console
  • Access to both Technopedia and Normalize from a single entry point
  • Quicker search and reference capabilities to Technopedia content, market intelligence and Normalize information
  • Accessibility to content pack and Normalize data
  • Extended views including software virtualization compatibility, CPU licensing, virtual guest-host relationships, and calculated lifecycle