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Drive IT Discovery Through Unique Fingerprinting Technology

BDNA Discover delivers unprecedented insights into the IT environment with a patented non-intrusive agentless technology that identifies hardware and software assets including those not covered by traditional agent-based tools. Its unique fingerprinting technology provides advanced application discovery for top vendors like Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Adobe, and more. BDNA Discover provides complete visibility into the IT environment to drive Asset Management, SAM, License Compliance, Security and IT GRC.

BDNA Discover

Key Benefits

  • Non-intrusive IT asset discovery without deploying agents
  • Extend coverage to Linux and Unix based systems, servers, and non-IT devices not covered by agent-based tools
  • Gain visibility into assets brought in by shadow IT, BYOD, and consumerization
  • Take accurate inventory for license and regulatory compliance
  • Gain advanced application discovery across top vendors including IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Adobe, and moreStay on top of Oracle licensing with Oracle LMS certified discovery
  • Improve accuracy across asset management, IT asset discovery, SAM, Security and IT GRC
  • Interact and query applications directly via fingerprints specifically tuned for the underlying nuances and complexities of the application itself

Leverage Your Data Across Enterprise Initiatives

BDNA Discover leverages product-specific and vendor-specific intelligence unavailable from any other tool to create a highly granular, actionable level of IT asset discovery.  With a complete view of every device and every software package and version on the corporate network, organizations can determine licensing positions, close security holes from obsolete and outdated technology, and support IT GRC initiatives including regulatory compliance requirements such as PCI and HIPAA.

BDNA Discover

Key Features

  • Patented non-intrusive discovery engine
  • Discover any IP connected device
  • Support for all major Operating Systems
  • Discover virtualized Operating Systems
  • Fingerprinting for advanced application discovery
  • Lightweight reporting, analytics and simple export/publish capabilities
  • Oracle LMS certified

Discover Levels

BDNA Discover

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