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Resolve Data Quality Issues in Your IT Data

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Normalize Data to Create Accurate & Relevant Information

Using Technopedia, the world’s largest and most up-to-date categorized repository of information about enterprise hardware and software, BDNA Normalize aggregates and normalizes raw data from more than 40 different data sources to normalize data and create a single version of accurate and relevant information. Data enriched with market intelligence provides clean, accurate, and relevant data to drive effective initiatives.

BDNA Normalize

Key Benefits of Data Normalization

  • Achieve data alignment across various parts of the organization through normalized data
  • Gain accurate visibility into their deployments
  • Understand their purchased entitlements
  • Eliminate time-consuming, ineffective manual efforts for data reconciliation
  • Gain comprehensive product details for better decision-making

Align & Normalize Your Data Across The Enterprise

BDNA Normalize provides clean, accurate, relevant data about the IT environment that aligns across the organization to support effective decision-making, control risk, and manage costs. This normalized data provides the foundation for a wide variety of initiatives that span multiple teams, including data center transformation, application rationalization, vendor contract management, license management, IT finance management, vendor audits, and more.

BDNA Normalize

Key Features of BDNA for Data Normalization

  • Extracts and normalizes data from 40+ data sources
  • Allows data normalization of procurement data as well as deployment data
  • Categorizes data as either “known” or “irrelevant” using patented rule-based mapping and Technopedia to normalize data
  • De-duplicates installation data using an “ordering version” to avoid double counting
  • Differentiates between suite and standalone installations
  • Categorizes any “unknowns” within pre-defined SLAs using a unique and comprehensive “Gap Fill” process
  • Makes normalized data readily available and consumable via the Publish interface
  • Automatically translates Purchase Orders to complete entitlement information
  • Deciphers POs with missing or incomplete part numbers or part descriptions

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