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A Common Language with Technopedia Results in Better Data for Better Decisions

BDNA Technopedia categorizes and aligns product technology information to enable organizations to speak a common language  to enable better decisions with better data.  Technopedia leverages more than a decade of relevant data-gathering expertise to enable organizations worldwide to reconcile asset data faster, establish compliance, maximize resources, and align with business goals while optimizing costs.

Technopedia IT

Technopedia IT categorizes and aligns hardware and software products to deliver consistent, accurate, and business-relevant information. With more than 1.7 million products and 120 million data points of timely, relevant product and market intelligence about those products, Technopedia powers many IT projects within the enterprise, unifies siloed IT processes, and provides alignment with business goals.

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Technopedia IT
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Technopedia MD

Technopedia MD enhances patient safety with visibility of your medical assets. Technopedia MD provides a proactive approach for medical device management that reduces the risks of patient safety, legal, financial and regulatory impacts that can derive from improperly maintained and managed medical devices.

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Technopedia Private Catalog

Private Catalog gives end-users the ability to add their own private data that sits alongside Technopedia, enabling them to add even greater business context specific to their organization. In turn, customers have a comprehensive view of a company’s IT landscape, which means more control over asset management by allowing tracking of private and public data of IT assets.

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