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The World’s Largest and Most Comprehensive Repository of Market Intelligence on Enterprise Software and Hardware

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Ensure All Your Systems Speak
a Common Language with Technopedia

BDNA Technopedia categorizes and aligns hardware and software products to deliver consistent, accurate, and business-relevant information. With more than 1.7 million products and 120 million data points of timely, relevant product and market intelligence about those products, Technopedia powers many IT projects within the enterprise, unifies siloed IT processes, and provides alignment with business goals.

BDNA Technopedia

Key Benefits

  • Drive effective enterprise technology decision-making with Technopedia
  • Provide immediate, actionable market intelligence for initiatives in IT Asset Management, IT Service Management, CMDB, Enterprise Architecture, IT Procurement, Governance/Risk/Compliance, and more
  • Enable the CIO’s office to drive alignment with business objectives
  • Increase transparency to support IT’s transition from cost center to performance center
  • Unify silos and improve efficiencies across the enterprise
  • Reduce compliance risk with Technopedia and drive corporate standards
  • Provide the CIO/CTO with strategic insights that can be drilled into
  • Enable organizations to tether private enterprise content to consistent Technopedia product IDs

Align and Enrich Your
IT Assets and Purchases

Technopedia categorizes and aligns a constantly growing number of hardware and software products to deliver consistent, accurate and business-relevant information for strategic decision-making as well as tactical functions. It receives more than 2,500 updates daily, ensuring that it always remains up-to-date.

Technopedia comprises three components:

Technopedia Stats

Software Releases
SW Release-Platforms
Hardware Models
Data Points

Key Features

  • Structured: Technopedia provides comprehensive coverage of hardware and software, all classified into easily understood and usable taxonomy
  • Comprehensive: Technopedia provides detailed information on over 1.7 million hardware and software releases including manufacturer, hardware, software, model, edition, platform, etc.
  • Contextual: The Technopedia Content Packs provide accurate and up-to-date market data points such as Windows 7/8/10 compatibility
  • Relevant: Technopedia contains more than 120 million data points, providing the relevant market content to support informed decisions
  • Timely: Technopedia evolves in lockstep with the velocity of IT, with daily updates to ensure data fidelity

Frequently Asked Questions

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Technopedia Use Cases

Enterprise Architecture

Establish a common language across your enterprise with Technopedia, from planning and procurement through operations and maintenance.

  • Expand EA Impact – Collaborate easily with other business functions through consistent naming
  • Better Decisions – Leverage critical EA data points such as software EOL dates from Lifecycle Content Pack
  • Lower Costs – Eliminate costly, manual maintenance of custom EA catalog

IT Service Management

Realize the promised ROI of ITSM with Technopedia by improving data quality across all your ITIL processes

  • Lower MTTR – Eliminate incident routing delays with consistent and intuitive naming
  • Improve Asset Control – Simplify aggregating and analyzing hardware and software for decision making
  • Lower Operational Costs – Forecast and prevent configuration issues with market intelligence

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Lower risk and ensure compliance with Technopedia’s reliable and accurate reporting

  • Stay in Compliance – Avoid product obsolescence risk with market intelligence about software and hardware
  • Secure Your Infrastructure – Map products to the Common Platform Enumeration for your security tools with the Security Content Pack
  • Accelerate Adoption – Share consistent and reliable names across other business functions

Data Normalization

Leverage Technopedia’s current, reliable catalog for aligning your other data sources

  • Streamline Processes – Insulate strategic processes from data variance in your tactical tools
  • Lower Costs – Eliminate the cost of maintaining a custom catalog and collecting relevant market intelligence
  • Increase ROI – Leverage your existing investment in tactical tools while driving clean data into strategic processes

OEMs and ISVs

Stay focused on core competencies while expanding market share and product offerings

  • Reduce Time to Market – Integrate to Technopedia quickly and easily with industry standard APIs
  • Expand Opportunities – Address new uses cases with Content Packs about hardware and software
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction – Improve both breadth and depth of your solution

“Technopedia… is tremendous. We’ve never run into a situation where it’s been wrong, and we leverage very highly the additional data within the catalog for capacity planning”

Bill Tarbox | Sr. Director of Product Development IT