Technopedia Catalog

How do I gain access to Technopedia?

Please contact us during business hours at +1 (650) 625-9530.

How big is Technopedia?

Technopedia has more than 1.8 million hardware and software products as well from more than 34,000 suppliers. And it is growing every day.

How often is it updated?

Technopedia is updated every day with more than 2,500 additions and modifications, based upon market change. You’ll never be left guessing again.

How long have you been maintaining it?

Technopedia has historical data going back more than 10 years. You’ll always be able to find that old PC or software product.

Who owns Technopedia?

The data in Technopedia is created, curated and managed by BDNA Corporation. Please visit us and see some of our solutions that leverage Technopedia

Technopedia Content Packs

How many do you have?

Currently, there are 10 Content Packs, which provide data about software, hardware, compatibility, security and much more. You can see a full list of Content Packs here.

How often are Content Packs updated?

Like Technopedia, Content Packs are updated daily to reflect the latest research and changes to the market. Additionally, the number of Content Packs and use cases they support are growing every day.

How do I access Content Packs?

Content Packs are accessed through the Technopedia API, just like Technopedia Catalog. They can be easily joined to Technopedia Catalog via a UUID

Is Technopedia capable of accepting 3rd party content?

Yes, we have a partner program where providers of domain-specific or specialized content align their information to Technopedia to address other use cases. Please contact us to learn more.

Technopedia API

What is Technopedia API?

The Technopedia API is RESTful API for accessing the data in Technopedia. The data behind the API is constantly updated and can be filtered and segmented easily.

How do I integrate with Technopedia API?

You can access the RESTful API from virtually any modern programming language, including C, Java, Python, PHP, Node.js, and Perl

How do I access the Technopedia API?

Right now, you have to become a customer. However, we are working on a Personal Use version. Let us know if you’d be interested.

Do you provide SLAs for the API?

Yes, Technopedia API has availability SLAs for customers as well as ISVs and OEMs. Please >contact us to learn more.

Technopedia Data Factory?

What is the Technopedia Data Factory?

The Technopedia Data Factory is the tools, processes and infrastructure that have been built to create, curate and manage Technopedia Catalog and the Content Packs. Think of it like a continuous manufacturing plant, but one that generates high quality data as its product.

Is it an automated process?

The Technopedia Data Factory is a combination of tools, automation and human processes. The processes have been refined over 10 years to deliver precise and accurate information across a rapidly changing market.

Do you provide SLAs for the content?

Yes. We stand firmly behind the quality and accuracy of our content. It is the hallmark of what makes Technopedia successful.

Could the Technopedia Data Factory collect data about other markets, like medical devices or Internet of Things?

We’re not telling… 🙂

OEMs and ISVs

Do you allow ISVs to license Technopedia?

Yes. We encourage any ISV that has a need for a definitive catalog to contact us. We’ll help you get to market faster with a better product.

Are you willing to OEM the content?

Yes. We welcome any arrangement that will help you get your solution out faster. Please contact us and let’s discuss your needs.

How do you price Technopedia for ISVs and OEMs?

It depends on the use case, but we have always been able to work out a fair deal. Just contact us and we’ll make it work.

How many ISVs and OEMs license or resell Technopedia?

We’re not really allowed to say, but it is not a small number, and it is growing rapidly.


When will Personal Use version be available?

We are currently working on providing Personal Use at no charge based upon customer demand. If you’d like us to move faster or you’d like to be a tester, please let us know .

Why is Technopedia so cheap?

We figured out how to efficiently create, curate and maintain a current catalog of hardware and software. Technopedia’s broad adoption and improvements in the Technopedia Data Factory processes have enabled us to keep the price low for everyone.

How are Content Packs priced?

Content Packs are priced by the type of content, and size of the organization, so it’s tough to put one number on it. However, they start as low as $5k per year per Content Pack. Contact us to learn more.