Professional Services

We Facilitate your BDNA Data Platform Implementation, Adoption and Customization


We Enable You to Make the Best
Technology Decisions for Your Company

BDNA’s Professional Services team focuses on enabling customers to make the best technology decisions for their enterprises which helps them achieve their objectives. With core enterprise initiatives being top of mind, the sense of urgency to successfully execute is high.

Having clean data at your fingertips puts enterprises in a solid position to make decisions that affect the economic well-being of an organization. Designed to address your organization’s specific needs, BDNA Services offerings facilitate your BDNA Data Platform implementation, adoption and customization — helping you maximize your return on investment.

BDNA Normalize Service Offerings

BDNA Normalize implementation packages provide guidance on planning, installation and configuration, data extraction and discovery, and initial operations within the respective platform environments:

BDNA Analyze
BDNA Analyze

BDNA Training Workshops

BDNA workshops are designed to enable customers to leverage BDNA solutions, helping with internal adoption and usage.

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