BDNA Solutions for GRC Tools/IT Compliance

Mitigate IT Vulnerabilities Proactively

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With BDNA, you can track, manage, and respond faster to security vulnerabilities while improving regulatory compliance. BDNA integrates data from your existing discovery, asset management, vulnerability management, and IT GRC tools, while removing data quality issues.

Challenge for Security/IT GRC

Protect Yourself from Blind Spots That Put You at High Risk

  • Software past its end-of-support or end-of-life date -You can’t create a timely migration plan if you don’t know when your software is approaching EOS/EOL.
  • Lack of integration among discovery and security tools – Data about deployed assets is low-quality and hard to aggregate. You can’t track and measure vulnerability exposure if you can’t accurately determine what assets they have.
  • Disparate discovery and security tools – If you have to use a cumbersome, error-prone manual data consolidation process to reconcile product names and correlate known vulnerabilities to deployed assets, you can’t mitigate those vulnerabilities promptly or respond effectively to zero-day threats.

BDNA Solution for Security/IT GRC


Technopedia provides a common language
for IT, enabling data from multiple sources to be
mapped to a single identity.

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Technopedia Content Packs

BDNA also provides content packs containing
additional market intelligence tailored to specific
IT initiatives.

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BDNA Normalize provides organizations with
clean, curated and complete data to create an
accurate picture of their environment.

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Key Benefits for Security/IT GRC

  • Gain complete visibility into security exposures by maximizing asset/vulnerability coverage
  • Respond quickly to zero-day threats by accurately assessing the scope
  • Achieve and maintain regulatory compliance by leveraging existing tools
  • Improve reporting in Vulnerability Management (VM) and IT GRC tools

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