BDNA Solutions for IT Asset Management (ITAM)

Automate and Optimize to Accelerate ITAM Visibility for Better Decisions  

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BDNA cuts the time, cost, and risk for ITAM, enabling better decisions to maximize resources. With the advent of the cloud, virtualization, acquisitions and mergers, and the Internet of Things (IoT), obtaining a holistic view of a company’s IT assets, such as hardware and software, can be challenging. Gaining the complete view of assets, however, enables companies to leverage the knowledge for license consolidation and optimization, vendor contract negotiations, enterprise architecture planning, data center consolidation, audit preparation and compliancy, and more.

Challenge for IT Asset Management

Rapidly Build a Complete and Clean Inventory
of Software and Hardware Assets

Complexities of IT

Digital transformation, data center consolidations, cloud, acquisitions, mergers and IoT (Internet of Things) are just a few of the disruptive forces that bring added complexities to managing any IT environment. System and software upgrades, security, company growth, software audits and other forces are already a part of a constant changing environment that can make collecting IT asset data challenging.

Lack of Standardization

Challenges often arise from inconsistent and missing asset entitlement and procurement data, which results in the lack of end-to-end data alignment. The inability to reconcile purchases against deployments or poor data quality in general make it challenging for IT managers to depend on IT asset inventory
data to respond to vendor audits.

Poor Data Quality

Inconsistent data often results from multiple names for a single vendor, product, or product version, from vendor mergers and acquisitions, which then leads to conflicting and duplicate data.

Incomplete Data

Raw data often includes data that has no value in supporting lifecycle management or strategic decision-making. Discovery solutions do not provide end-of-life dates, open source data, hardware specification, and other market intelligence to contextualize IT system data to enable better decision-making moving forward.

The Speed of Change

Once the inventory data is collected, reconciliation or normalization of data manually is time-consuming and utilizes costly resources. The extended time often results in outdated data before the inventory process is even complete. Many times catalogs are used to reconcile data, but are ineffective when catalogs are not updated often enough to keep up with vendor changes. Additional challenges arise when catalogs are not comprehensive enough to help in the reconciliation process.

Disparate Tools

Gathering software, hardware and networking assets often involves utilizing multiple tools to collect the data. Merging the IT asset inventory data from these multiple sources, such as multiple discovery tools, and client management solutions, often creates inconsistencies that prevent building an accurate and complete inventory that must be reconciled manually.

BDNA Solution for IT Asset Management


Technopedia provides a common language
for IT, enabling data from multiple sources to be
mapped to a single identity.

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Technopedia Content Packs

BDNA also provides content packs containing
additional market intelligence tailored to specific
IT initiatives.

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BDNA Normalize provides organizations with
clean, curated and complete data to create an
accurate picture of their environment.

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Key Benefits of IT Asset Management

Automates the repetitive, manual efforts of compiling asset data utilizing the expertise of a proven solution

  • Provides relevant market data, such as lifecycle and vulnerability data, that enables companies to improve financial management of IT resources

  • Reconciles purchases against deployments to provide the ability to respond to audits with a more accurate record of entitlements

Modernizes ITAM techniques for better agility and data quality to meet the demands of today

  • Leverages Technopedia, an asset information source that boasts over 1.8 million assets with over 120 million market data points, and more than 2,500 continuous daily updates designed specifically to enable up to 95 percent OOTB coverage to speed up the IT asset management process and to reconcile the data with good quality data

Establishes compliance while optimizing costs

  • Reduces risk of inaccurate data that can lead to legal, financial and regulatory opposition from traditional businesses, national interests and regulators

  • Enables vigilance in regards to IT asset negotiations from auditing and complex licensing schemes

  • Enables better predictability and reduces risks from vendor audits, non-compliance, poor governance, and security threats

Provides greater insight and transparency to help ensure better decision-making

  • Establishes a common language that can be leveraged for ITAM, IT Service Management (ITSM), Software Asset Management (SAM), and Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC)

  • Enables optimizing licensing and maximizing upgrade entitlements

  • Improves vendor contract management and negotiations

Leverages existing investments and discovery tools

  • Utilizes popular discovery tools such as SCCM, ServiceNow Discovery, HP Universal Discovery, and many more to leverage existing investments

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