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The BDNA platform provides your organization with the accurate, reliable data necessary to improve IT operations: supporting automation, resolving issues quickly and proactively, prioritizing and accelerating tasks and projects, reducing costs, and improving customer satisfaction.

Challenge for IT Operations

Improve the Quality of Your Data

  • Inadequate visibility into infrastructure components – Massive variations in naming and representation of assets skews reality and blurs visibility into the true state of the infrastructure.
  • High Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) – Without consistent product naming standards, tickets are routed inaccurately and issues are prioritized incorrectly, leading to longer resolution times, wasted effort, and avoidable outages.
  • Delayed identification of problems – Without clean, consistent data across the entire IT organization, the IT Operations team must spend most of its time on identifying problems and isolating their cause, which is time spent on not getting to other important tasks.
  • High incident rate – Naming and representation variations can inflate the apparent incident rate by making a single incident look like many.

BDNA Solution for IT Operations


Technopedia provides a common language
for IT, enabling data from multiple sources to be
mapped to a single identity.

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Technopedia Content Packs

BDNA also provides content packs containing
additional market intelligence tailored to specific
IT initiatives.

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BDNA Normalize provides organizations with
clean, curated and complete data to create an
accurate picture of their environment.

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Key Benefits for IT Operations

  • Enable and accelerate IT Operation tasks by making actionable information readily available
  • Avoid unnecessary outages and overhead with real-time asset intelligence
  • Improve automation and personnel efficiency with proactive processes based on authoritative data
  • Synchronize asset data across functions such as procurement, asset management, and security
  • Report confidently to all stakeholders

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