BDNA Solutions for Technology Business Management (TBM) & Data Governance

Build a Foundation for Sound Investment Decisions and Cost Transparency

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The BDNA data platform ensures your TBM solution consumes only cleansed, clarified, and enriched data in order to deliver the most accurate cost, value, performance, and other metrics. You achieve better insights, which result in better enterprise technology decisions.

Challenge for Technology Business Management

Successful TBM implementations require you to tackle two fundamental enterprise technology asset data challenges:

Incomplete, Inaccurate Data

TBM solutions require full visibility into the IT environment, which is nearly impossible to achieve when data is inconsistent, incomplete, and inaccurate across business units. Raw product data is often lacking in these areas:

  • Inconsistently named and described
  • Missing key pieces of information
  • Rarely updated and therefore outdated
  • Locked in departmental or application siloes

Lack of Market Intelligence

Even when available enterprise technology asset data is clean and complete, it’s not enough for truly informed decision-making. Existing systems cannot provide the real-time product and market intelligence needed to answer critical IT management questions — even those as basic as which products will reach end of life in the next six months. Collecting details about product lifecycle, vulnerabilities, licensing costs, purchase price, and other market data places demands on already overstressed IT resources. Yet failing to collect this information leaves the CIO unable to understand and manage the true cost of IT assets.

BDNA Solution for TBM

Technopedia for Data Governance


Technopedia provides a common language
for IT, enabling data from multiple sources to be
mapped to a single identity.

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Technopedia TBM Solutions

Technopedia Content Packs

BDNA also provides content packs containing
additional market intelligence tailored to specific
IT initiatives.

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Normalize for Data Governance


BDNA Normalize provides organizations with
clean, curated and complete data to create an
accurate picture of their environment.

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Key Benefits for Technology Business Management

  • Make more flexible, agile cost and investment decisions and trade-offs based on accurate, real-time data.
  • Spend more time strategizing and executing and less time gathering and understanding the data.
  • Leverage immediately available, actionable intelligence from BDNA to drive real savings from your TBM solution.
  • Plan effectively for the future based on market realities to realize sustainable cost savings.

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