BDNA Solutions for Vendor Audit Plans

Outperform Vendor Audits with Accurate, Aligned Data Across Purchases and Inventory

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BDNA makes audits faster and simpler. It pulls data from discovery solutions, procurement systems, and other sources, then aligns it to a common language and cleans it. The result is a complete, accurate inventory that your organization can use to respond to vendor audit requests and prove software entitlements.

Challenge for Vendor Audits

The challenges around getting the data together for audits is multi-fold:

Inventory Data

  • Data about deployed software comes from multiple disparate data sources, creating conflicts that IT must reconcile manually. This can be very time consuming process that often yields inaccurate results.
  • Data across various systems is inconsistent, and may contain multiple names for one vendor, one product, or one version of a product, creating conflicts and duplicates.
  • • Mergers, acquisitions, and new product releases may make data outdated faster than it’s updated.

Procurement Data

  • Often, the only source of Procurement data is the Purchase Order (PO) system, and deciphering POs can be very challenging.
  • Purchase orders (POs) may have different part numbers from vendors and resellers for the same product, made-up part numbers, or none at all.
  • With no standardized format for part descriptions, POs may bundle quantities, license packs, and even maintenance support into a single line item.

Lack of End-to-End Alignment

  • The inventory data must eventually be mapped with the Procurement data for end-to-end reporting for audits to prove consumption versus entitlement.
  • Vendor and product names are often inconsistent between procurement and deployment systems, making it difficult to reconcile purchases against actual deployments.

BDNA Solution for Vendor Audits

Technopedia Audit Plan


Technopedia provides a common language
for IT, enabling data from multiple sources to be
mapped to a single identity.

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Technopedia Audit Plan

Technopedia Content Packs

BDNA also provides content packs containing
additional market intelligence tailored to specific
IT initiatives.

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Normalize Audit Plan


BDNA Normalize provides organizations with
clean, curated and complete data to create an
accurate picture of their environment.

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Key Benefits for Vendor Audits

  • Establish a baseline inventory of both purchases and deployments
  • Achieve visibility into entitlement data
  • Align entitlements and deployments for better reporting
  • Review contracts and licensing to determine compliance with terms and conditions that affect entitlement

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